Keep the following in mind when applying for a license in another state:

  • Obtain the Indiana license first.
    • In most instances, it is best to apply for a license in another state based on a valid (not expired) Indiana license rather than based on a completed teacher education or other license program through a college or university.
    • In some instances, it is mandatory to have the Indiana license first.
    • In a few instances, it may not be absolutely necessary to have the Indiana license, but completing a license program through a college or university will be mandatory.
  • Having completed a CAPE (formerly known as "NCATE") accredited program will be of benefit in several states.
  • Applying for a license in a state that has signed an Interstate License Agreement with Indiana will ease the process. (For a list of states who have signed the agreement, see the link entitled "Signatories to 2010-15 Interstate Agreement" in the lower section of the Interstate Agreement link listed above.)
  • Contact the license agency of the desired state for an application and instructions.
  • Even with a valid Indiana license, other states may require the completion of additional requirements.
  • The costs involved in obtaining a license vary greatly from state to state and can be as high as $200 for the license itself. Additional costs may be incurred through the evaluation process (to determine eligibility for the license), license tests, and other requirements. The fees may be non-refundable.