License Application Under REPA (Effective May 14, 2010)

In-State Graduates
The institution where you completed the course work for an original license will recommend you. You may apply for the license online through the Licensing Verification and Information System (LVIS).

Out-of-State Graduates/License Holders
Out-of-state graduates and license holders must apply through the Licensing Verification and Information     System (LVIS) to the Office of Educator Licensing and Development (OELD). 

Upon completion of the 2-year teacher residency program, applicants must apply directly online through the LVIS system following the directions of the residency program.

LICENSE RENEWAL – Bulletin 400, Rules 46-47, Rules 2002, and REPA
Initial Practitioner License

Persons holding the initial practitioner license and who have not completed the residency program must submit an online application to LVIS. Click here for information on that process.

Proficient Practitioner, Provisional, and Standard Licenses
These license holders can renew their license by four methods

  • Six (6) semester hours of course work completed at an accredited Indiana institution after the issue date of the license you are renewing. It is no longer necessary to receive approval in advance for this coursework. Renew online through the LVIS system. If you completed six hours of course work at two or more Indiana institutions, you must renew under the Professional Growth Plan (see below).
  • Six (6) semester hours of course work completed at an accredited out-of-state institution. Submit an application online through the LVIS system and official transcripts directly to OELD. The six hours must have been completed after the issue date of your license.
  • Professional Growth Plan (PGP) – For more information about the Professional Growth Plan, click here. This is the option for individuals not using coursework for license renewal.
  • National Board of Professional Teaching Standards Certification (NBPTS) – Submit all materials and a copy of your NBPTS certification to OELD when you apply on the LVIS system.

Professional and Accomplished Practitioner License Renewals
These license holders can use any of the four (4) methods above to renew their licenses. Individuals must submit online through the Licensing Verification and Information System (LVIS) directly to OELD. These licenses now have 10-year renewals.

Some secondary content areas can be added to your current license by taking and passing the appropriate Indiana Core Assessment (Pearson Content Assessment) tests or by completing the required course work and the appropriate test(s).  Those persons completing testing ONLY, apply on LVIS through the OELD.  For those who completed the required course work and testing, you should apply online using LVIS with your attending institution marked on your application.

Proficient practitioner applicants for the accomplished practitioner license must apply online through LVIS.  You will need to obtain an official transcript as part of this application process.

The option to professionalize Rules 46-47 or Bulletin 400 licenses no longer exists. The accomplished practitioner is the only option for a 10-year license.  Information regarding qualifications of these licenses can be found here.