You must apply for your license through the Office of Educator Effectiveness and Licensing (OEEL) Licensing Verification and Information System (LVIS). In addition to the following instructions, LVIS training webinars that explain the application process are available on the LVIS website. Instructional licenses are teaching licenses.

Some Tips on the Application Process

  • In order to submit your application, you must first create a username and password to create your profile. Make sure you remember your username and password; you will need them again during the application process. You will receive an e-mail to verify your profile. You are then ready to complete the application.
  • When beginning the application on the My LVIS page, at the end of the very first sentence, click on "here." That will take you to the application.
  • The first step requires you to select the Application Action. That means the license you are applying for: Original, Renewal, Addition, etc. If this is the first time you are applying for an Instructional (teaching), Administrative, or School Services license, you are applying for an original license.
  • Be sure to select the institution that you want to recommend you. If you did your recent work at Ball State, you should choose Ball State.
  • CPR and AED certification (both sides of your card) transcripts, Suicide Prevention Training certificates (if applicable) should be attached where indicated.
  • Be sure to pay at the end of the application. Our office does not see your application until you pay your fee. Print and keep a copy of the "Payment Receipt Screen."
  • Log on to LVIS to follow the progress of your application.
  • You will receive an e-mail from the state when your license is ready to print.