Mandatory Student Teaching Application Meetings

Those who are eligible to student teacher next fall 2018 or spring 2019, are welcome to attend one of the meetings below:

1.   Tuesday, 9/26/17 in Teachers College, Room 120@ 5:00-6:15OM

2.   Wednesday, 9/27/17, in Arts and Journalism, Room 175 @8:00-9:30AM

3.   Thursday, 2/28/17, in Robert Bell, Room 125 @ 2:00-3:15PM

4.   Monday, 10/2/17, in Teachers College, Room 121@ 5:00-6:15PM


The student teaching application window will open after the first meeting on September 26, 2017 and stay open until 4PM Eastern Time on October 16, 2017. 


As a reminder, students need to be fully complete with DP2 and attend one of the meetings above in order to apply.

If you have any questions, please contact the OTES-CP office at or (765) 285-1168.