For student teachers applying to student teach, the process for application and placement of student teachers will be as follows:

  1. Students must complete ALL Decision Point 2 requirements before applying.
  2. Students must attend one of several mandatory meetings in advance of completing the student teaching application. Some of the required paperwork will be completed by the student during these meetings and critical information will be shared. 
  3. Following the meeting, the student will complete the philosophy of education, indicate preference for counties of placement, and submit the application for student teaching. This will be done during the same time periods during the academic year as in the past (Application Schedule). 
  4. OTES/CP will assemble all required paperwork. No action can be taken until the paperwork is completed. Applications for students who do not complete the application process during the open application time will not be processed. 
  5. PDS liaisons and other faculty members will assist with identification of placement requests after the applications are assembled. 
  6. Applications will be mailed and processed according to current timelines and procedures after locations are identified. 

It is important to note the following points:

  1. Students will not be identifying schools/corporations of choice, only county of placement location.
  2. Students have access to track the progress of their placements in rGrade, beginning with the submission of the philosophy of education through the assignment of the university supervisor which occurs immediately before the beginning of the student teaching semester. In most cases, placement contracts from schools are entered on the day they are received in the office. Please encourage students to  monitor rGrade for this information.
  3. Students with low GPAs are very difficult to place, as many districts have indicated a 3.0 minimum before they will even consider a placement.  Those students who begin under the 2013-14 catalog year will be required to meet the new overall GPA of a 3.0 in order to move forward in the application process.
  4. Placement requests are made through the central office of the school district. Attempts to circumvent the process by contacting teachers directly are most often counterproductive. It is important to remind students that a request can be denied for many reasons.
  5. Reminders as to the application schedule, Decision Point 4 testing information, etc. are sent to a distribution list of advisors. If you do not receive these notifications and wish to be added to this list, please let us know.
  6. OTES/CP maintains an office e-mail ( from which official communications are sent to students. We also have a Facebook page\bsuotescp where notifications are placed for students.