(In collaboration with Indiana University)

Before completing the student teaching application, the student might consider other student teaching opportunities, which have led to very high employment success:

American Indian Reservation Project

  • Placements are in schools serving American Indian youth on the Navajo Reservations of New Mexico, Arizona and Utah.
  • Placements span 17 full weeks in the Navajo Nation.
  • Participants live in Bureau of Indian Affairs dormitories and contribute to the afterschool "dorm life" program.

Overseas Project

  • Placements are in schools in England, Wales, Scotland, Republic of Ireland, India, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan and Kenya.
  • Participants student teach at least 10 weeks in Indiana, followed by 8 to 10 weeks overseas.
  • Participants live with families in their overseas communities.

Features of Both Projects

  • Preparation for the host culture and education system, issues and conditions of the placements sites, and participant responsibilities while on-site.
  • Friendships with members of the host culture and participation in their daily tasks of life.
  • On-site academic component through which participants process their school, community and cultural experiences and observations, and generate professional and personal changes and adaptations built upon new learning.
  • Graduate-level credit earned in addition to student teaching credit.
  • Up to 90% employment success upon completion of the Projects.
  • Placements available for elementary, secondary, and all grade majors.

Purposes for Enrolling

  • Cross-cultural teaching and living experience.
  • Contribute to development and acceptance of cultural pluralism study and contribute to American Indian and overseas education.
  • Adapt teaching styles and strategies to the culture of the pupils.
  • New friends, self-fulfillment, increase confidence.