For candidates, who do not meet the alternative admission to teacher testing requirement, under Decision Point 2 in rGrade, passing scores on the CASA Reading, Writing and Mathematics tests are required. Ball State requires that students achieve a passing score on these tests or their alternatives prior to admission to the 300 level teacher education courses. These tests can be taken by appointment at the Testing Center on campus, or at various locations around the state. 

To prepare to take the CASA tests, OTES/CP recommends the PQ4R method as suggested by the study guide from the Indiana Core Assessments for Educator Licensing. PQ4R method is Preview, Question, Read, Reflect, Recite and Review.   

Preview:  Attend a CASA information session   

Question:  Ask questions at the information session.   

Read: Go the Pearson website.      

  • Click on Preparation. Select your test. Select “Assessment Blueprint”.  This blueprint will show the areas (domains) the test will cover and the percentage it counts on your test.  If you scroll further down, you will find the standards covered under each domain.    

Reflect:  Under the standards, you will find a list of topics covered on the test.  Go through those.  Determine what you know and what you need to study.   

Recite and Review:  If you need help, write down the standard, go to the Learning Center and ask for help with that particular standard.  You can also find study texts located in the Bracken Library Lower Level Education Technology and Resources Section.    

Find more information on how to prepare for the CASA test here:   CASA Preparation