Beginning June 1, 2015, Health students can take either the Pearson Area Content test or the Praxis II content test.  Should you decide to take the Praxis II test, be aware that you must take and pass the test by August 31, 2015 to be valid for licensing.  After that date, you must take the Pearson Area Content test.

Whether you take the Praxis I test or the Pearson Area Content test, you will also be required to take the appropriate Pearson Pedagogy/Developmental test.  That test is listed with the content area tests below.   

If you take the Pearson test(s), you must take the following:

 Test Title
Test Code   
Passing Score 
Secondary Ed (Pearson Pedagogy)
Health Education (Pearson)
066 220

If you take the Praxis II test, you must take the following by August 31, 2015:

Secondary Ed (Pearson Pedagogy)            #006                          220
Health Education (Praxis II)                     #5551                        158