Completing your program and obtaining a teaching license will be a rigorous and demanding task. Here are some important things to keep in mind:

Get started right away. Your professional education program will include several courses that are offered in a specific sequence, getting started right away will help you to graduate in a timely fashion.

Take your introductory course as soon as possible. Find the intro course for the program you are pursuing (see Licensing Programs) and register for it at your earliest opportunity.

Take the Core Academic Skill Assessment test (CASA) as soon as possible. To find out more about this test, click here. This test must be passed in order for you to be admitted to your professional education program. You will not be able to take 300 or 400 level professional education courses if you have not passed this test. 

See your advisor regularly. Check your Degree Works and visit with your advisor often to be sure you are progressing as you should.

Take advantage of special opportunities. Attend training sessions provided for learning how to use computer technology. Get involved in student and professional organizations.

Attitude is important. Review the section on "Dispositions" in this handbook. There are high expectations for those who expect to become professional teachers.