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Business Education

Indiana Core Assessment Tests: Business Education

Content Area and Developmental Tests

Each applicant for an original teaching license must pass the content and pedagogy areas for their license major. It is recommended that all license exam requirements be completed prior to the beginning of the student’s last semester before graduation and/or completion of the last license course requirement. It may require more than one test session to complete all the tests required.

Test: Secondary Ed (pedagogy)
Test Code: 006
Passing Score: 220

Test: Business
Test Code: 008
Passing Score: 220

Praxis II

Students can take the Praxis II tests listed below until May 31, 2014. However, they must also take the Indiana Core Assessment Pedagogy test in addition to the Praxis II tests. If all Praxis II tests are not passed by May 31, 2014, students must take all the required Indiana Core Assessment Tests listed above.

Test: Secondary Ed (Pedagogy)
Test Code: 006
Passing Score: 220

Test: Business Ed (paper)
Test Code: 0101
Passing Score: 161


Test: Business Ed (computer)
Test Code: 5101
Passing Score: 161

This program prepares candidates to teach a variety of business subjects in the middle and high school grades. This program requires a minimum of 120 credit hours and is located in the Department of Information Systems and Operations Management in the College of Business. The introductory course for this program is EDSEC 150. For more information, contact Allen Truell, WB 247, 765-285-5235.