Q. When will comprehensive exams be held for specialist and doctoral students?
A. Please check the appropriate calendar using the "Advising" tab of our Department of Educational Leadership website.

Q. When and how should I sign up for comprehensive exams?

A. When you have nearly all coursework completed, send an email to the graduate advisor (mquick@bsu.edu) a month before the exams are scheduled (no later than 2 weeks) requesting participation. In order to be included in the examinations, students must have successfully completed the core courses that will be assessed in the comprehensive exams.

Q. How should I prepare for written comprehensive exams?

A. Faculty members post the study focus of upcoming written exams on a Blackboard Community site. Our department advises students to form study groups to review the central knowledge, skills, and values for courses. This knowledge would include key researchers and event sin that field of knowledge and demonstrate currency (for example, Danielson's teacher effectiveness rubric and the adoption of RISE in Indiana in response to a question about teacher supervision and evaluation).

Q. How should I prepare for oral comprehensive exams?
A. After grading written exams, faculty members typically provide feedback about areas for which students should further prepare for the oral examination. Students are expected to review those areas and demonstrate in-depth knowledge about each. For example, if a student was informed he didn't correctly answer a finance question, he should meticulously verse himself on that content before participating in the oral examination. As part of that preparation, the student might research in school finance textbooks, speak to the district's business manager, or review such state resources as the Department of Local Government Finance.

Q. When can I begin work on my dissertation?
A. You can apply for admission to candidacy for your doctoral degree when your doctoral committee says you are qualified to continue work leading to the doctoral degree, and you have:

  • Passed the comprehensive examinations.
  • Submitted a satisfactory plan for your proposed dissertation.
  • Been recommended for candidacy by your doctoral committee.

After you are admitted to candidacy for your doctoral degree, you'll need to register each semester during the academic year.

Q.  I’ve finished with all of my Ed.D. course work and successfully completed the comprehensive exams.  I’m not quite ready to defend my dissertation proposal.  What’s the next step so I keep my enrollment current?
A. Prior to candidacy, you may register for DOC 700, Doctoral Candidate, for a fee of $75, if you have no courses in which to register and you would like to have full library privileges. Registration in DOC 700 is limited to two academic semesters (two five-week summer terms equal one semester), and you’ll need to approval of your doctoral committee chairperson, your doctoral program director, and the dean of the Graduate School.   If you are not registering for a course or courses, you will register in three credit hours of DISS 799, Doctoral Dissertation. (You are not required to register for DISS 799 if you are certified by the Graduate School office as having completed all degree requirements before the end of the first five school days [change-of-course period] of the semester.) If you do not meet this deadline, registration and subsequent payment for DISS 799 is mandatory. This policy applies during the academic year. Registration for DISS 799 is not required during the summer. The dean of the Graduate School recommends, “As long as the student registers for DISS 799 before the second to the last week of class, he/she will be fine.  If the student needs to be enrolled for benefit or loan purposes, I recommend enrolling in DOC 700 and then changing to DISS 799 later in the semester.”

District Administrator Exam FAQs   

Q. How do I register for the district administrator exam? 

A. Follow this link to register: http://www.in.nesinc.com/Home.aspx    

Q. How should I prepare for the state’s superintendent’s test? 

A. IDOE provides some practice materials. Visit this link and be sure to know the standards: http://www.doe.in.gov/sites/default/files/licensing/school-leader-district-level.pdf

Additional preparation materials can be found here: http://www.in.nesinc.com/TestView.aspx?f=HTML_FRAG/IN040_PrepMaterials.html      

Q. What is the format of the district administrator exam? 

A. The exam includes 60+ multiple choice questions and one essay.     

Q. What main themes are included on the district administrator exam? 

A. The evaluation process, deciding what to do first in a situation, distinguishing between what the superintendent and the principal’s role should be, and deciding whether to do something because it will increase student achievement or student learning are some of the themes you can expect to see on the exam.     

Q. What can I expect from the essay question on the district administrator exam? 

A. You can expect to look at some data, analyze it, and create a plan that you will write about.