The Indiana Public School Study Council is an organization composed of 25 school corporations located throughout the state.

In order to be considered for membership, the school district must fall between 4,000 and 20,000 (ADM) in student enrollment. New members may be accepted at any time upon approval of two-thirds of the member schools and upon payment of dues, provided there is a vacancy existing in the Council needed to bring the membership to twenty-five. Once a school district is accepted to membership, it may continue as a member, regardless of enrollment, as long as the district continues to pay the required dues and participated regularly in the programs of the Council. Collectively the member school corporations enroll over 20% of all the public school students in the state.

Governed By
The officers of the Council are a president, a president-elect, a treasurer, and an executive director. Each council officer, with the exception of the executive director, is a chief school administrator of a member school system. There is also an executive committee composed of the officers of the council, the immediate past president, and three executive committee members who shall be chief school administrators of member school systems. 

The Council holds regular business meetings in the fall, winter, and spring as well as a planning meeting in the summer.

Executive Committee Officers

President: Dr. Larry Veracco
President-Elect: Dr. Scott Hanback
Treasurer: Cheri' Scott
Past President: Dr. Russell Hodges
Executive Director: Dr. John Ellis
Executive Committee:
Dr. Nikki Woodson, Dr. Jeff Butz, Dr. Jeff Hauswald
For more information about the Indiana
Public School Study Council contact:
Dr. John Ellis
Executive Director
Indiana Public School Study Council
Teachers College, Rm. 909
Ball State University
Muncie, Indiana 47306-0590
(765) 285-8490
Fax: (765) 285-2166