Certificates and Licensure Programs

If you are a working professional looking to broaden your career opportunities through further education, then obtaining a certificate is an excellent way to do just that. We offer one licensure program and three graduate certificates, all of which can be completed on campus or entirely online. The certificates can also be applied to a master’s or doctoral program if you decide to continue your graduate education.

Which license or certificate program is right for you?

Our high ability license and certificate will provide you with the opportunity to increase your expertise in the characteristics of gifted students and teach you how to design instructional programs and services to suit their needs.

If you hold an Indiana teaching license, then you would want the license in gifted and talented education, an add-on to your teaching license. If you do not hold a teaching license in Indiana, including those who are licensed in another state, counselors, and parents, then you should consider the certificate in gifted and talented education. The two programs are identical, but the degree you receive depends on your current licensure status.

certificate in human development and learning can be professionally beneficial to anyone. Whether you work with children, adolescents, or adults, you can benefit from a greater understanding of the developmental processes and learning and motivation factors which help people live healthy, productive lives. Teachers or other professional educators looking to increase your understanding of students will especially benefit from this program.

Thinking about pursuing a graduate degree in education or psychology? Start with a certificate. You can apply it later to whatever master’s or doctoral degree you choose to pursue.

The certificate in neuropsychology is the perfect program for licensed psychologists, professional educators, or health service providers looking to further their understanding of the brain-behavior relationship. Licensed practitioners can use the courses towards their continuing education requirements. Neuropsychology is one of today’s fastest growing areas of psychological and educational study and provides a critical knowledge base for advancing one’s career in these fields.