Gifted and Talented (High Ability) Education License and Certificate

One of the few programs nationwide to have earned National Recognition for meeting the new NAGC/CEC Teacher Preparation Standards

Apply for License in Gifted and Talented Education if: you have an existing teaching license in Indiana. The GT license is an add-on to your teaching license.

Apply for Certificate in Gifted and Talented Education if: you do not have a teaching license in Indiana.  This includes everyone who has a teaching license out of state as well as counselors, parents, or others interested in learning about gifted students and gifted education. 

For Either the License or the Certificate, the Course Sequence Includes:
EDPS 520:  Introduction to the Gifted and Talented Student, Required (no prerequisite)
EDPS 621:  Identification and Evaluation of Gifted Students, Required; EDPSY 520 is prerequisite
EDPS 625:  Models and Strategies, Required, and EDPS 520 is Prerequisite
EDPS 611:  Development of Creative Thinking  (no prerequisite)  OR
EDPS 623:  Social and Emotional Needs of Gifted Students (no prerequisite)

All courses are offered online during every academic year, and the License/Certificate can be obtained in one year if desired.  All courses except EDPS 625 are also offered online in the summer terms.  The courses are also typically offered in a hybrid format where students complete half of the instruction face-to-face; the remaining hours are completed through on-line activities and discussions.  In the hybrid format, students meet 8 evenings per semester at an Indianapolis area location. Listings for specific courses in either format may be found through Online and Distance Education.

The courses are all offered in an accelerated format of 8 wks each during the academic year, and they can be applied toward a master’s degree in elementary education or educational psychology (note: please apply for master’s program while applying for licensure or certificate program to ensure all course credit will transfer).

Additional questions contact Dr. Kristie Speirs Neumeister.