Study rooms are available in the Bracken Library. See the Graduate School for an assignment. Full-time doctoral candidates working on their dissertations are given first preference. Students may also be eligible for a Muncie Public Library card. Please call 765-747-8200 for details.

There is no fee for regularly scheduled athletic events for university convocations. Tickets may be acquired by showing BSU I.D. card.

Recreation Facilities
The Irving Gymnasium Complex and at Ball Gymnasium are available to graduate and doctoral assistants and their dependents. For further information on recreation programs, services and facilities contact the Office of Recreation Programs, Room 201, Irving Gym, 765-285-1753.

All regular graduate and doctoral assistants are entitled to a 10% discount on books and a 20% on other purchases (i.e. clothes) at the Ball State Bookstore. Purchases are to be used for themselves only. This discount is available only during the time period in which the assistant is employed and receiving a stipend.

Credit Union
Graduate and doctoral assistants may borrow from and save in the Ball State Federal Credit Union, 2900 N Oakwood or 1624 W University Ave, 765-285-1065.

Career Center
Graduate and doctoral assistants are eligible to register with the Ball State Career Center 765-285-1522.

University Housing
Fees must be paid prior to occupancy. Consult with the Bursar, Lucina Hall, LU 36, 765-285-1731, if you have questions. For information relative to housing, write or call the Director of Housing, Alan Hargrave, 765-285-8000.

Building Access
Graduate and doctoral assistants will need the approval of the chair of the department or academic unit head before obtaining building keys from the Business Office.

Health Services
The University Health Service provides health services, physical examinations, medical advice, bed patient care, and dispensary treatment. The University Health Service does not make out patient calls in dormitories or student residences.

Resident Classification
The spouse or children of graduate and doctoral assistants shall also receive resident classification during the term of such employment if residing with such person upon registering and receiving courses at Ball State.