1. Graduate assistants and doctoral assistants receive a stipend that is established by the department to which they are assigned. Graduate students appointed for a summer term will be paid 15% of their previous academic year stipend, if work is available.
  2. Regular graduate assistants and doctoral assistants are not assessed the nonresident fee and pay only the student dedicated fee, Health Center fee, and the technology fee provided the student is on contract by the last day of the university drop/add period. Assistants who are enrolled in courses for which general fees and/or fees on a per credit hour basis are assessed (e.g., courses through Extended Education), pay an amount equal to the dedicated student service fee, special course fees and other miscellaneous fees with the balance of such fees being remitted. If the period of employment for regular graduate and doctoral assistants is at least two consecutive full semesters (two summer terms constitute a semester), for fee adjustment purposes employment may be considered to include the semester immediately following the assistantship or the semester immediately preceding the second semester of the assistantship. The Student Dedicated Fee charged to graduate and doctoral assistants must be paid prior to the beginning of the term. Those holding half-time graduate and doctoral assistantships pay half fees including the nonresident fee. For detailed information, write the dean of the Graduate School, Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana 47306.
  3. Graduate and doctoral assistants are paid bi-weekly.
  4. Deductions are made for the Indiana State Income Tax, the County Option Tax (when applicable), and the Federal Income Tax. Please complete W-4 and WH-4 tax forms which are enclosed and return both forms to the Payroll Office, Administration Building, Room G-29.
  5. University Counsel is of the opinion that in most cases the stipend associated with graduate and doctoral assistantships is taxable income, and that withholding of income tax is required by law. However, you may wish to consult your own tax adviser with respect to the taxability of these payments under the applicable federal and state income tax laws. In the event you have determined that your stipend is exempt from taxation, please refer to instructions (Line 3 of Form W-4). As indicated in paragraph 4 above, Form W-4 must be returned to the Payroll Office. See also tax liability for extra work under paragraph E.
  6. Policy and procedures for the remission and billing of contingent fees for mid-semester assignments and resignations of graduate assistants and doctoral assistants effective Fall of 1999.
    1. Student filling an assistantship vacancy after the university drop/add period– no fee remission is available during the academic semester in which the student is initially appointed. All fees (contingent portion of the general fee, graduate course fee) will be waived for a subsequent academic term if the student is appointed as an assistant before the end of the drop/add period of that term.
    2. Student vacating an assistantship after the university drop/add period – the fee remission will be available only during the semester in which a student resigns the assistantship after the drop/add period has ended.