All EdS candidates are required to pass final written and oral examinations that are overseen by the candidate's committee. The NTE Specialty Examination in School Psychology (found in Praxis II: Subject Assessments and NTE Programs Specialty Area Tests), developed and administered by Educational Testing Service (ETS), has been approved as an appropriate exit criterion for the program. Therefore, you must achieve the approved passing score (as determined by the NASP) on the NTE School Psychology Examination (pdf) to be considered for candidacy. Examination results must be available at least two weeks before the close of the term in which you are to graduate. When you satisfactorily meet all program criteria, your EdS committee files a signed approval form with the Graduate School office.

Master's students are not required to pass formal examinations; however, their program must be on file at the Graduate School and approval obtained from the program director two weeks before their intended graduation date.