The EdS program requires that you maintain full-time, continuous residency (or an alternate planned experience) while attending Ball State University. No residency requirement exists for master's program students. However, the intensive practicum requirements (i.e., a total of 4 credits with a minimum of 500 clock hours of supervised experience) necessitates full-time student status at least for the year during which practica are completed. With the approval and recommendation of the program director and approval by the dean of the Graduate School, graduate work taken for credit at other accredited institutions may be transferred in partial fulfillment of degree requirements. The transferred credits must meet stipulations that include but are not limited to:

  • A minimum student GPA of 3.0 on all graduate work at the other institutions.
  • A minimum grade of B on all courses considered for transfer.
  • Completion of hours within the six years allowed for completion of degrees at Ball State.
  • A master's degree candidate may transfer up to 15 semester hours from other regionally accredited institutions if the courses are deemed appropriate for the planned program by the director of the program and the graduate school.
  • An EdS candidate with prior consent of the EdS committee may transfer up to six hours of credit beyond the master's degree from other approved institutions. Extension credits offered by Ball State University are considered the same as campus credits.