A school-based internship of one academic year is required of all students. Every effort will be made to match you with a school setting that is appropriate for your background and interests. You must enroll in EDPS 690, which must involve a full academic year in a school setting for a total of 1,440 clock hours of experience. You will take an active role in securing your internship. You will develop a curriculum vitae and apply to at least three sites that offer the best chance for your personal and professional growth.

After the internship placement is approved by the internship supervisor, you will be asked to develop a plan of objectives. Modification and approval of this plan must come from the Ball State internship supervisor.

After each semester, you will evaluate your experience and, in turn, be evaluated by the site supervisors. Data from these evaluations and visits are used in assessing your progress toward stated objectives as well as judging the feasibility of the future use of each site.

How Internship Sites Are Chosen

Internship sites are selected and maintained on the basis of their capacity to offer students the most comprehensive repertoire of experiences for the allotted time period. Each site is expected to give the trainee the opportunity to develop new knowledge and skills and to take substantial responsibility for carrying out major professional functions within an arena of appropriate supervisory support and ethical and legal practice.

Primary considerations in the selection and maintenance of intern sites include the possibility of contact with:

  • A licensed school psychologist for supervision
  • All grade levels (preschool, K-12)
  • All categories of exceptionality
  • Minority children
  • A variety of community agencies
  • A full range of special education services for people with disabilities
  • Regular education programs