The general supervision of the dissertation will be the responsibility of each student’s committee chairperson. Whenever needed, members of the committee will advise candidates about the dissertation. All dissertation topics must have the potential to contribute to the field of psychology. The comprehensive written and oral examinations must be passed and the dissertation proposal approved by the committee before students enrolls for Dissertation (DISS 799) or Internship.

Dissertation Proposal

The dissertation proposal must consist of Chapters 1- 3: Introduction, Literature Review, and Method. The expectation is that the proposal will consist of three complete chapters and not abbreviated chapters. The approved proposal cannot be a prospectus of the full proposal. If a student chooses to use the paper option as part of his/her comprehensive exams (cognate) it is important to note that it may be related to the student’s dissertation topic; however, the paper cannot be used directly as any chapter of the dissertation. Students must provide a copy of the proposal (electronic or hardcopy) to all committee members at least two weeks prior to the final examination.