Students must have successfully completed all practicum requirements, preliminary examinations, and have their doctoral dissertation proposal approved prior to applying and accepting an internship. The Director of Doctoral Internships, Dr. Janay Sander, approves all internship placements. During the fall semester (typically in last September or early October), the director of doctoral internships conducts a mandatory meeting for all PhD students. All doctoral students must attend to gain an understanding of the requirements prior to applying for an internships and to gain understanding of the application process. During this meeting, the program’s internship requirements, the process for applying for APA and APPIC internships, and the timeline for applying for internships are reviewed.

During the past seven years, all of our students completed paid internships. Intern sites for PhD students are selected and maintained on the basis of their capacity to offer the most comprehensive repertoire of experiences within the allotted time period. Each site is expected to meet the requirements necessary for licensure as a psychologist/health service provider (HSPP). Further, the site should allow trainees to develop new knowledge and skills and to take substantial responsibility for carrying out major professional functions with appropriate supervisory support, consistent with ethical and legal practices.

Primary considerations in the selection and maintenance of intern sites include the availability for contact with a doctoral-level psychologist for supervision, access to a cross section of clients/students (based on age, ethnicity, exceptionality), contact with a variety of community agencies, provision of a full range of special education services for persons with disabilities as well as regular education programming.

APPIC member and APA approved internships are emphasized. In recent years the majority of students have completed an APPIC member and/or an APA approved internship. If a student has not pursued an APPIC member or APA approved internship, students still complete internships that meet the same requirements in terms of hours, supervision, and length. All interns must complete at least 600 hours of internship in a school setting.

Externship Opportunities

Students interested in completing the 600 school-based internship hours (NASP requirement) prior to completing a traditional internship in psychology may do so by completing an externship. Students often choose to complete an externship prior to completing the full-year internship so they can complete an internship in a non-school setting (e.g., hospital, mental health center, private practice). Externships typically are reserved for third, fourth, and fifth year doctoral students. The program has developed partnerships with several school districts close to Ball State and students can request to be matched with a school when the school psychology core conducts the graduate assistantship match each spring. Specifically, students can complete the 600 hour school-based requirement as part of a graduate assistantship. Students must work closely with the Director of Doctoral Internships and submit a plan for completing the 600 hour school-based internship. In addition, students must enroll in EDPS 791: Doctoral Internship in School Psychology for two consecutive semesters and attend weekly seminar classes. Students also must receive weekly one-on-one, face-to-face supervision by a licensed school psychologist or a licensed psychologist for a minimum of two hours per week. It is important to note that the externship does not meet the program’s requirement of a full-year internship and that students must complete a full-year professional internship prior to gradation.

BSU School Psychology Internship Consortium

The BSU School Psychology Internship Consortium provides internship opportunities for students. The consortium is listed in the Council of Directors of School Psychology Programs Internship Directory and meets the same internship requirements as APPIC members. The program maintains complete control and oversight of the internship to ensure the quality of the internships. Each intern must have at least two licensed psychologists as supervisors, attend weekly group supervision, participate in weekly seminars, and complete at least 2000 hours of internship over no less than 12 months. In addition, each intern is required to receive no less than two hours of individual, face-to-face, supervision from a licensed psychologist each week and two hours of group supervision each week. There must be at least two interns participating in the consortium each year. Students are required to enroll in EDPS 792: Doctoral Internship in Professional Psychology (6 credit hours) as part of consortium.

In the past, Ball State Neuropsychology Laboratory, Ball State Psychoeducational, Diagnostic, and Intervention Clinic, St. Vincent Medical Center, Ball State's Burris Laboratory School, Cummings Mental Health, Hillcroft Applied Behavior Analysis Clinic, Fort Wayne Neurological Center, and local school districts have participated in the internship consortium. Prior to soliciting internship sites, students must obtain the consent of the director of doctoral internships. A written agreement must be approved by the director before any contract can be signed. Students must agree to any additional requirements imposed by the director. Historically, students have had few problems obtaining appropriate well-paying internships within Indiana. To date, all students have completed a paid internship.