The training perspective of the program is the scientist-practitioner model (Boulder). The doctoral program prepares candidates to integrate psychological theory, research, and established methods of scientific inquiry into effective practice, and to engage in research and evaluation activities that contribute to the science and practice of psychology.

The program’s goals, objectives, and competencies are consistent with the scientist-practitioner model and the substantive area of professional psychology, school psychology. Specifically, the program has the following five goals:

Goal #1: Assessment: Demonstrate knowledge and skills concerning fundamentals of measurement and assessment, and the use of assessment measures in a non-biased, reliable, and valid manner;
Goal #2: Consultation: Demonstrate the ability to apply theoretical knowledge and skills when consulting with teachers, parents, and other professionals;
Goal #3: Prevention/Intervention: Demonstrate knowledge and skills concerning the theories and tactics used to guide the design and implementation of effective interventions for children and adolescents;
Goal #4: Research and Evaluation: Demonstrate knowledge and skills pertaining to research design, statistical analysis, and the communication of research results; and
Goal #5: Professional Practice: Demonstrate skills required for appropriate professional practice, legal and ethical decision-making, and sensitivity to individual and cultural differences.

For each goal, specific objectives (13 total) have been identified and corresponding competencies have been developed. The program’s curriculum focuses on candidates and developing competencies in assessment, consultation, prevention, research, and professional practice. Professional practice includes gaining knowledge of legal, ethical, and quality assurance expectations as they related to the practice of psychology. The program also has determined minimal levels of achievement and specific methods for assessing outcomes specific to each competency.