Educational Studies

We are honored to have Dr. Camilla Fitzsimmons and Alice Bennett from the adult and community education program at the National University of Ireland – Maynooth (north of Dublin). We invite you to join us in celebrating this international exchange on May 24, 2017. Contact the department for details. 

Ball State University has been recognized as a top college for teacher education. The Online College Database's new ranking, "Top Colleges in Indiana Shaping the Next Generation," honors the post-secondary institutions in the state that graduated the most education and teaching professionals in 2012. For more information please visit this site: Online Colleges Database | Colleges Shaping the Next Generation

The nuts and bolts of learning at all levels—that’s our focus in Ball State’s Department of Educational Studies. Our students arrive with widely varied interests and goals for teaching others and improving the business of education. They leave well-equipped to make a difference.

Our academic offerings are as diverse as the passions that our students bring. Our programs range from undergraduate majors to master’s and doctoral degrees, with several certifications on the menu as well.

Some of our graduates finish their studies well-prepared for effective classroom instruction at the middle school, junior high, and secondary levels, as well as various all-grade environments. Others have developed strong skills for college-level or computer instruction, adult education, or student affairs administration, and some gain special preparation for teaching science, technology, or math. At the doctoral level, our students prepare for leadership in the world of adult, community, and higher education, or for the chance to further the field of education through research, curriculum development, or consulting.

At Ball State, we take an entrepreneurial approach to education. Through immersive learning projects, an interdisciplinary team of students led by a faculty mentor finds a real-world solution to a real-world problem.

Want to learn more about our department? There are several ways to proceed, beginning with the accolades and recommendations we’ve earned from others. Learn more about our distinguished faculty,  and feel free to contact us for more information. You’re also welcome to visit us to learn more about our department, Teachers College, and Ball State.

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