“The Department of Educational Studies is a learning community engaged in the preparation of educators, the discovery of knowledge, and the promotion of social justice.”

That’s our mission statement, and in 25 words, it really captures what we’re all about. In fact, the real meaning can be summed up in just a few of those 25 words: “learning community,” “preparation,” “discovery,” and “social justice.” We are, indeed, a community of people passionate about preparing ourselves and discovering new ways to help others learn. Why do we do this? Education is one of the most important tools to achieve social justice.

Our efforts in this regard are well recognized and highly regarded. For example, U.S. News & World Report has ranked our master’s program in secondary education among the top third in the nation, and our student affairs administration in higher education program has been ranked as high as 14th among nearly 200 similar programs nationwide.
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