Educational Studies

Sheron Fraser-Burgess

Associate Professor of Social Foundations of Education/Multicultural Education

TC 815  Phone: 765-285-5471  

Department of Educational Studies
Teachers College (TC), Room 805
2000 University Avenue
Muncie, IN 47306-0610

Sheron Fraser-Burgess graduated from University of Miami (2005) with a Ph.D. in philosophy. My dissertation title was, "How Should a Multicultural Society Educate Its Children for Pluralism?" My research interests are in the areas of epistemology and education, critical thinking and democratic education. At Ball State University, I am an assistant professor of social foundations/multicultural education. My teaching responsibilities in the Teachers' College include foundations courses, multicultural education and philosophy and ethics of education. I am a member of the American Philosophy Association, Society for the Philosophical Study of Education, American Educational Studies Association and Philosophy of Education Society.