Graduate certificates allow students to gain expertise and insight into specific areas of education without enrolling in a full masters degree program. Designed for the professional educator, administrator, or student looking to expand their depth into the field, graduate certificates can be taken either full or part time, or online.  Please contact the advisors listed below for more information on a certain certificate, or take a look at the graduate school website for information on admissions and qualifications. 

Certificate in Community Education
Whether you are employed or volunteering in the nonprofit sector, or are a graduate student in a related program, this credential can provide you with the skills needed for designing, implementing, and evaluating community programs. Targeted to non-traditional students, typically 25 or older, the community education graduate certificate is an option for the individual searching for professional development, job promotion, or skills development for a career change.
Advisor: Dr. Ruby Cain

Certificate in Adult Education
This certificate serves those interested in facilitating professional and continuing education, human resource development, workplace learning, distance education, adult and family literacy, or other areas of specialized practice. Targeted to non-traditional students, typically 25 or older, Ball State’s graduate certificate in adult education is ideal for professionals who want skills for designing, implementing, and evaluating adult education programs.
Advisor: Dr. Ruby Cain

Certificate in Computer Education
Designed to benefit K-12 teachers, as well as trainers in business, nonprofit, or governmental settings, this certificate highlights the best of online education. Students learn methods of integrating technology into teaching, digital storytelling, and digital-based literacy, among other skills. Indiana teachers may opt to earn a computer education teaching license.
Advisor: Dr. Jon Clausen

Certificate in Diversity Studies
The Graduate Certificate in Diversity Studies addresses issues pertaining to race, ethnicity, class, gender, and sexual orientation in an increasingly pluralistic society. The 15‐credit program is designed for teachers, administrators, policy makers, and health and human services personnel.
Advisor: Dr. Michael Ndemanu

Certificate in Middle Level Education
This certificate prepares teachers to address the specific and unique needs of adolescents. This 15 credit–hour program can be a stand alone credential or a supplement to your master’s degree. This program is offered entirely on-line.
Not currently accepting students

Certificate in Qualitative Research in Education
This certificate complements doctoral program of studies in the social sciences and educational research. Practitioners across a diverse spectrum of fields will also benefit from this certificate by enhancing their research skills and improving their practices.
Advisor: Dr. Thalia Mulvihill

Certificate in College and University Teaching
In this certificate, you will explore the relationship between teaching, research, and service responsibilities as found in American colleges and universities. This graduate certificate was designed to instill improved teaching practices within undergraduate and graduate education.
Advisor: Dr. Thalia Mulvihill

Certificate in Community College Leadership
Designed to meet the professional needs of community college administrators, faculty, staff, and those who seek such positions, Ball State’s graduate certificate in community college leadership is one of only a few offered in the United States.
Advisor: Dr. Amanda Latz

Certificate in Institutional Research
Successful institutional researchers must not only have excellent technical and analytical skills, but also knowledge of higher education management topics and a deep understanding of their institutions. IR is a dynamic and fast-paced field with strong demand for skilled professionals.
Advisor: Contact Ed Studies Department for more information. 

Certificate in Curriculum
Contact advisor for more information.
Advisor: Dr. Jill Bradley-Levine