Doctor of Philosophy in Education

Ph.D. Degree

Prerequisite: EDPSY 640, Methodology of Educational and Psychological Research, (or its equivalent) is a prerequisite for the doctoral program. Students who enter without this credit, must meet the requirement as a deficiency rather than as part of the program.

Basic Required Courses (15 hours)

EDPSY 641 Statistical Methods in Educational and Psychological Research

EDPSY 642 Intermediate Statistics

ID 705 Research Colloquium

Humanistic Studies (Choose one course)

EDFON 631 Philosophy of Education

EDFON 641 History of American Education

EDFON 651 Educational Sociology

Behavior Studies (Choose one course)

EDPSY 600 Advanced Educational Psychology: Learning

EDPSY 603 Psychology of Human Development

EDPSY 627 Child Development

Area of Specialization in Elementary, Early Childhood, or Reading Education

The 40 hours to be determined with the candidate's doctoral committee and must include:

10 hours – dissertation

4 hours – doctoral seminar (EDEL 798 or EDEL 799 or EDRDG 700)

3 hours – research (EDEL 740 or EDRDG 770 or EDEL 791)

Cognate Areas

The Ph.D. program requires a research cognate. Candidates may choose a research cognate of 24 hours, or two 15-hour cognates. If a candidate chooses the latter, s/he will complete a 15-hour research cognate and a second cognate approved by the doctoral committee.

A research cognate should include:

(A minimum of two quantitative research courses)

EDPSY 645 Survey of Advanced Research Methods and Statistical Designs

EDPSY 646 Tests and Measurements

EDPSY 740 Computer Analysis of Educational and Psychological Data

EDPSY 741 Applied Regression Analysis for the Social Sciences

EDPSY 744 Seminar in Research Methodology

EDPSY 785 Survey Research Methods

(A minimum of two qualitative research courses)

EDSTU 660 Ethnographic Research in Education

EDSTU 650 Introduction to Qualitative Research

Additional research courses approved by the doctoral committee

Residency Requirements for the Ph.D. Degree

Candidates for the Doctor of Philosophy must complete 15 semester hours in at least two consecutive semesters of residency on campus.

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