Ball State University provides Advising Resource Centers on campus which specialize in specific academic programs. Students are assigned to an advising center based on the student's classification and major.

As freshman, all students are part of the University College Advising Center regardless of their intended or declared major. Each incoming student is given an advising handbook which includes general advising information. In addition, each student is assigned an advisor who is a specialist in working with freshman students as they begin their college years. University College Advising Center is located in North Quad 323 and may be reached at 765-285-1161.

When an Elementary Education major has been classified as a sophomore, she/he is reassigned to the University Advising Center which serves students majoring in elementary education. From sophomore status through graduation, the student's records are maintained in the same advising center. The TC Advising Center may be reached by phone at 765-285-1848.

Elementary Education students are assigned to department faculty members who serve as advisors. Students work with a faculty advisor during the remaining 3 years of teacher education. The assigned advisor's name, office location, and telephone number are listed the student's Degree Works audit in Banner.