Language Arts

Language Arts Concentration Area for Elementary Education

The Elementary Education Language Arts Concentration area is an extension of the study of Language Arts (listening, speaking, reading, writing, viewing, and visually representing) and Children's Literature begun in the required Elementary Education courses for the English Language Arts area, specifically English 311 (Language Arts Methods) and English 204 (Children's Literature).  The concentration area has two purposes.  The first purpose is to extend elementary ELA Candidates' knowledge and understanding of the study of English Language Arts.  The second purpose is to provide an opportunity for Elementary ELA Candidates to apply and critically exmine knowledge and understanding of all the English Language Arts as delineated in the Indiana Academic Standards for grades 1-6 and in the academic standards developed by the National Council of Teachers of English and the International Reading Association. 

The following courses are required for this concentration:

ENG 285 Introduction to Creative Writing (3) Introduction to the craft, terminology, and techniques of multiple genres, including fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction.

ENG 401 Concentration Seminar (3) Requires students to investigate in depth a problem or issue related to the teaching of elementary English Language arts, reflecting on best practices vs. common practices in relation to the NCTE/IRA Standards for the English Language Arts.

Prerequisite: ENG 311; senior standing or permission of the department chairperson. Open only to elementary education majors.

Choose one of the following writing courses

ENG 304 Teaching Writing in the Elementary Grades (3) Focuses on theory, research, methods, strategies and program models for teaching writing in the elementary classroom; includes a guided laboratory experience that develops reading/writing connections, and includes listening, speaking, viewing and visual representing.

Prerequisite: ENG 204

ENG 213 English Studies and Technology (3) Exploration and application of technology in the teaching, learning, and disciplinary identity of English Studies

Choose one of the following literature courses

ENG 302 Developing Elementary English Language Arts with Multicultural Literature (3) Focuses on the development of reading writing, listening, speaking, viewing and visual representing using multicultural literature. Includes guided laboratory experience.

Prerequisite: English 204

ENG 318 Literature for Young Children (3) An introduction to literature for young children from pre-K to third grade.

ENG 414 Young Adult Literature (3) Recent literature suitable for students of varying abilities in junior high/middle and secondary schools.

Choose one of the following language courses:

ENG 220 Language and Society (3) Addresses major social issues related to language use in America. Learn through case studies to identify hidden assumptions, frame questions requiring research, and do the research necessary to make informed decisions about linguistic issues in our society.

ENG 321 English Linguistics (3) Modern English grammar with special attention to phrase and sentence-level syntax.

For further information, contact your advisor or Peggy Rice, Department of English