Concentration Area for Elementary Education

Exploration in depth of the theory and content of the study of literature, writing, and language. Courses selected for this concentration are particularly related to content, issues, and concerns of the elementary classroom.

Required Course
ENG 302 Dev Elem Engl La Multicult Lit (3)

Choose one of the following writing courses
ENG 213 Intro to Digital Literacies (3)
285 Intro to Creative Writing (3)

Choose one of the following literature courses
ENG 205 World Literature (3)
206 Reading Literature (3)
318 Lit for Young Children (3)
414 Young Adult Literature (3)

Choose one of the following language courses
ENG  220 Language and Society (3)
320 Intro to Linguistics Science (3)
321 English Linguistics (3)

For further information, contact your advisor or Peggy Rice, Department of Elementary Education, 765-285-9046 or