Psychology and Counseling

Elementary teachers deal with the people: children, parents, colleagues. They need to understand the psychology of people, thinking, behavior, development, learning, and the measurement of these characteristics. A concentration in psychology gives the elementary education major an opportunity to gain further expertise in this important area of understanding and a chance to learn valuable skills.

Choose 15 credits from the following courses

Educational Psychology

EDPSY 306  Behavior Analysis in Education (3)
EDPSY 345  Educational Tests and Measurement (3)
EDPSY 350  Child Psychology (3)
EDPSY 351  Adolescent Psychology (3)

Counseling Psychology and Guidance Services

CPSY 400  Fundamentals of Counseling, (3)
CPSY 420  Techniques of Psychological Interventions (3)
CPSY 470  Introduction to Cross-Cultural Counseling (3)

Psychological Science

PSYSC 213  Psychology of Human Adjustment (3)
PSYSC 316  Introduction to Social Psychology (3)
PSYSC 317  Introduction to the Study of Personality (3)

(Note: Students taking courses in Psychological Sciences must have taken PSYSC 100 as a prerequisite. This can count toward the General Studies Social and Behavioral Sciences requirement or serve as the Distribution Elective)

Complimentary License:
Many courses overlap the minors in Human Growth and Development and Interpersonal Relations

For further information, contact your advisor or Sharon Paulson, Chair, Department of Educational Psychology.