Concentration Area for Elementary Education.

Includes a broad range of courses that cover life, earth, and physical sciences. Students seeking this concentration learn to use scientific knowledge, skills, and habits of mind to solve problems and think critically about the natural world. If GEOL 101 was selected for the University Core Curriculum requirement, then GEOL 201 must be selected for the concentration.

Choose a minimum of 12 hours from the following courses:
ASTR 120 The Sun and Stars (3)
101 Astro Mat for Teacher (3)
BIO 112 Principles of Biology 2 (4)
CHEM 100 People and Chemistry (3)
101 Gen, Org, Biochem/Hlth Sci (5)
GEOL 101 Planet Earth Geol Environment (3)
201 Earth, Life, and Time (3)

For further information, contact your advisor.