Concentration Area for Elementary Education

This concentration area provides the opportunity for students to acquire specialized professional knowledge beyond the minimum technological benchmarks expected of all future teachers.

"Technology is the human innovation in action" (Technology for All. nd., p16).
This action facilitates the generation of knowledge that leads to the development of solutions that assist and extend our capabilities as people.

Required Courses, 12 credits

ITDPT 100   Technology and Society
EDTEC 350  Curricular Integration of Technology
EDTEC 470  Technology Policy and Ethics 
ITDPT 400   Concentration Capstone Course

Choose 3 hours from the following courses

CS 110   Introduction to Programming
CS 116   Introduction to Computer Information Systems
EDCUR 331   Public School Curriculum
EDRDG 445  Computers in Reading Instruction
EDTEC 352   Multimedia Web Design and Development for Education
EDTEC 355   Inquiry Models in Educational Computing
EDTEC 360   Theories and Design of Instructional Computing
EDTEC 365   Visual Literacy and Computer Interactions
EDTEC 480   Digital Medial Planning and Production
EDTEC 485   Distance Learning and School Infrastructures
MATHS 330  Technology in Elementary and Middle School Mathematics

Complimentary License:
The Educational Technology program supports students who want to expand their marketability beyond their primary area of licensure.  Students can do this by pursuing the Computer Education License for 6-9 additional hours.

For further information, contact your advisor or Richard Seymour, Department of Industry and Technology.