Elementary Education

Physical Education Option

Physical education is an integral part of the total educational program. An outcome-based, developmentally appropriate program offers a unique contribution in the development of knowledge, understanding, and positive attitudes about human movement as well as physical fitness. The degree of success the elementary child experiences in work and play is influenced by her/his ability to execute movement patterns effectively and efficiently. To become a fully functioning individual, the child needs many opportunities to participate in well-conceived, well-taught learning experiences in physical education. In recent years, the role of the elementary classroom teacher has become increasingly important in providing physical education learning experiences. This concentration area in physical education and wellness provides students with both content knowledge and practical experiences in designing and implementing a developmentally appropriate physical education program on the elementary school level.

Required Courses, 9 credits

*PEP 209  Introduction to Teaching Physical Education; Spring 
*PEP 291  Motor Development of Young Children  (PEP 209 Prerequisite), Fall
*PEP 394  Teaching Physical Education in the Elementary School (PEP 291 Prerequisite), Fall

Choose 6 credits from the following courses

PEP 150  Fitness: Teaching and Program Design  (Recommended)  
PEP 158  Dance and Gymnastics For Elementary Students (Recommended), Spring
PEP 222  Teaching Theory and Skills in Field and Court Invasions Games, Spring
PEP 232  Teaching Net and Wall Games, Fall
PEP 242  Teaching Lifelong Activities, Fall           

For further information, contact your advisor or Penny Justin (pjustin @bsu.edu) in the  Department of Physical Education.


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