Departmental Honors in Elementary Education

Students who have achieved a 3.6 or higher Grade Point Average may wish to graduate with Departmental Honors. Outstanding Elementary Education majors find it helpful to begin planning for Departmental Honors no later than the beginning of the junior year.

Purpose: The main purpose of this program is to provide intellectually challenging opportunities that extend beyond the usual course requirements in Elementary Education.

Eligibility: Any undergraduate student with a major in the Department of Elementary Education and an overall grade point average of at least 3.60 may initiate work towards an honors designation, after completing 40 semester hours.

Requirements: The designation "Departmental Honors in Elementary Education" can be earned by qualified students who complete the program. While participants in Departmental Honors may be a Ball State Honors student, it is not a requirement for Departmental Honors. A minimum of three projects in designated upper division courses must be completed by the student for honors credit while maintaining the 3.60 overall grade point average. Grades from all transfer credits will be computed in the overall grade. In addition, students must complete an Honors Thesis under the supervision of a member of the Elementary Education faculty. The Honors College Thesis may fulfill the requirement of the Department Honors Thesis. (In this case, the supervisor of the Honors College Thesis need not be a member of the Department of Elementary Education.) The three projects and the thesis may be completed in any desirable sequence.

Designated Courses are as follows:

231 252  260  300 
301 340 350 351
381 400 401 402
440 442 450 464






320 390      400 
430 455







HONRS  499 - 3hrs









Implementation: To earn honors credit, the procedure is as follows:

  1. The student registers for the Departmental Honors Program by completing the Departmental Honors registration card in TC 322. This should be completed prior to beginning a class in which Departmental Honors credit will be earned.
  2. During the first three weeks of the semester (or before mid-semester with the instructor's permission), the student requests permission of the instructor to complete a Department Honors project.
  3. If the instructor agrees, the student submits a project proposal to the instructor. The student and the instructor determine that the project the student will complete is in addition to the regular course requirements and extends beyond the usual course expectations. To receive credit for the Departmental Honors Project, the student must maintain the 3.60 overall grade point average, and must earn a final course grade of A, A-, B+, or B.
  4. The student completes three copies of Departmental Honors Form A in which the project is (a) clearly described, (b) signed by both the student and the instructor, and approved by the department chairperson. One copy is kept on file in the Elementary Education office, one is kept by the instructor, and one is kept by the student.
  5. Three copies of Departmental Honors From B are filed by the instructor with the department chairperson when each project is completed. The student must also obtain the faculty member's signature on Form D at this time. Distribution of the copies is the same as for Form A. No incompletes will be given on the project. The student may withdraw the honors project commitment for the course with a written statement no later than two weeks prior to the end of the semester.
  6. The student will choose an Elementary Education faculty member to direct an Honors Thesis the semester before registering for HONRS 499. The student will present a proposal to the faculty member and submit three copies of Departmental Honors Form C. Distribution of the copies is the same as for Form A and Form B. When the faculty member agrees to direct the thesis, s/he will schedule at least five meetings throughout the semester to plan and supervise the thesis. The thesis must be completed at least two weeks prior to the end of the semester. (Incompletes should be strongly discouraged.) The student must earn a grade of A, A-, B+, or B on the thesis. A copy of the thesis must be sent to the Honors College.
  7. Graduating seniors who have completed all requirements for Departmental Honors in Elementary Education, and who have maintained an overall grade point average of 3.60 from Ball State and all other institutions, will file Departmental Honors Form D with the Elementary Education chairperson eight weeks prior to the date of graduation.

Recognition: Satisfactory completion of the Departmental Honors requirements will earn the designation, "Departmental Honors in Elementary Education," on the official university records for the student. This achievement will be noted in departmental records, and the student's name will be listed in the commencement program. The student will also receive a special diploma.


Print the form below by copying and pasting into a separate document.


Form A

Student Identification Number # _________________________

Current GPA Course Number _________________________

Semester of Enrollment _________________________

Supervising Faculty Member _________________________


Proposal for Departmental Honors Project

(A general statement describing why this project is of interest to you)



Questions you are exploring
(Questions you are trying to find answers to by completing this project)



(Specific activities you will participate in as you complete your project)



Time Line
(Approximate dates when you plan to complete your activities)



(What the final format of your project will be)



I understand the nature of the project described and agree to complete the work as described.