(EDEL 100, EDEL 200, EDEL 300, 301, 350, 351, and Student Teaching)

The Department of Elementary Education is committed to the value of the complete sequence of the core courses in its programs. The Department is in full support of the prerequisite sequence as stated in "Standards" for Teacher Education (See Undergraduate Catalog).

Therefore, under no circumstances, will the Department:

1. Permit students to register for two of the independently offered core courses simultaneously,

2. Waive any of the core courses,

3. Waive any of the prerequisites for the independently offered core courses,

4. Reserve space for a student while s/he satisfies the prerequisites for a core
course, or

5. Permit students to enroll more than two times in EDEL 100, EDEL 200,
EDEL 300, EDEL 301, EDEL 350, EDEL 351, EDRDG 400, or EDRDG 430

Student Statement Regarding Core Courses

I have been informed of the prerequisites for EDEL 200, EDEL 300, 301, 350, 351, and student teaching. I am aware that I will not be permitted to enroll in these courses until I have successfully completed all prerequisites. If I choose to repeat any of the core courses, I understand that I must be eligible for the repeat enrollment.

I understand that I must pass Decision Point 2 before I enroll in EDEL 300, 301,350, 351 or any other junior and senior level professional education course.

Since conviction of a misdemeanor or felony may prevent me from being eligible for an Indiana teaching license, I understand that it is my responsibility to contact the Indiana Professional Standards Board to determine my eligibility status before pursuing a teacher education program.


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