Sample Plan of Study for Students with a Master's Degree in a Human Service Field

Students holding a master's degree who wish to become a Board Certified Behavior Analyst need to be admitted to the Graduate School and work with their graduate advisor to come up with a plan of study to complete the certificate. Students can choose to take one course a semester (16 weeks) or one course over 8 weeks. However, students who wish to take 2 to 3 courses at a time (full-time) can do so, however, our coursework is rigorous and comprehensive so allow yourself time to learn and understand the material successfully. In addition, the goal is to offer enough sections of each course so students can complete the coursework toward the BCBA in a timely fashion. Although a student may not follow the exact sequence when completing the courses approved on the Plan of Study, it is important that the courses on the plan be completed to be eligible to take the BCBA exam. The following plan is the most common one used.

Plan 1:

Fall Semester:
SPCE 609: Introduction to Applied Behavior Analysis (3)
SPCE 619: Professional Issues in Applied Behavior Analysis (3)
Spring Semester:
SPCE 611: Advanced Applied Behavior Analysis (3)
SPCE 610: Behavior Consultation (3)

Summer Semester:
SPCE 689: Seminar in Verbal Behavior (3)

SPCE 691: Supervising Human Staff in ABA (3)