Practica in Autism and Applied Behavior Analysis are required for the Certificate Programs at Ball State to provide opportunities for students to attain competence in the knowledge and practical application of behavioral principles and ethical standards in applied settings. Students demonstrate skills and competencies in such areas as behavioral assessment, intervention, consultation, evaluation, and research in a variety of settings and in response to a number of behavior intervention situations.

The field experience requirements for the BCBA consist of 1,500 hours of BCBA-Supervised behavior analytic practice in an applied setting. Please take note that we cannot guarantee that one will be available. (For a fee, there are a few BCBAs who can provide remote supervision in accordance with the BACB requirements.) The distribution requirements for this independent supervised fieldwork is not less than 10 hours but not more than 30 hours per week for a minimum of 3 weeks per month. You may begin accruing the 1,500 hours as soon as you have registered for SPCED 609. In the ABA and autism practicum courses (SPCED 638 and SPCED 683), you may also accrue fieldwork hours, provided that your site supervisor is a BCBA. Details regarding the BACB experiences are downloadable from the BCBA website. It is highly recommended that you peruse the BACB website. Begin by clicking on the Becoming Certified tab, then click on BCBA Certification.