Sharon Paulson

Sharon Paulson

Professor of Psychology Educational Psychology


Room:TC 505A

Sharon Paulson came to Ball State in 1991. She teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in developmental psychology, including adolescent development, life-span development, and theories and methods in developmental psychology. Paulson’s research focuses on family and school influences on adolescent achievement, using an ecological perspective. This research has explored parenting, educational values, and school climate, among other factors. Most recently, she has conducted a series of studies, in collaboration with Greg Marchant, on the relations of family demographics to aggregated high stakes test scores. This work has led to a more general examination of the validity and meaning of aggregated test scores. In addition to these empirical research endeavors, Paulson has evaluated after-school programs in Muncie Community Schools. Paulson is an active participant in the American Educational Research Association and the Society for Research on Adolescence. She has been involved in numerous special interest groups focused on adolescents in schools and families of adolescents.

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