Jon Clausen

Jon Clausen

Associate Professor of Seconday Education Educational Technology


Room:TC 807

Jon M. Clausen is an Associate Professor of Educational Technology and Secondary Education.  He also serves as the Director of the Educational Technology program and is the Advisor for the Masters of Arts in Curriculum and Educational Technology.

Dr. Clausen holds a Doctorate of Philosophy with an emphasis in Curriculum and Instructional Technology from Iowa State University where he also served as the lab coordinator for the Center for Technology for Learning and Teaching (CTLT).  He earned his Masters degree in Secondary Education with an emphasis in Instructional Technology from the University of Nebraska-Omaha. His Bachelors degree is from the University of South Dakota.  He is a former high school teacher and has over 15 years experience teaching in both secondary and post-secondary instructional contexts.  

Dr. Clausen teaches and conducts research in the fields of teacher education and educational technology.  His primary focus is on teacher learning and development, and how instructional contexts that support technology integration can lead to conceptual changes in teachers’ instructional practice.  He has also been involved with a number of immersive learning projects.

Course Schedule
Course No. Section Times Days Location
Doctors Dissertation 799 JC 0000 - 0000
Exp and Dev Topics 299X 01 1300 - 1350 M W F TC, room 216
Curr Integration of 350 SCC 0000 - 0000 TBD, room TBD
Schl Info Infra and 485 1 1400 - 1450 M W F TC, room 216
Curr Integ of Lrnng 650 800 0000 - 0000
Res and Eval in Ed T 770 IS1 0000 - 0000
Masters Candidate 600 0 0000 - 0000