Teachers College is pleased to announce a new initiative to help support our research efforts. The new Teachers College Research Design Studio (RDS), located on the ninth floor of Teachers College, will work with faculty, students, and our school/community to support the inception of research ideas to the publication of articles. More particularly, RDS provides the following services:

• Assistance in establishing high-quality research design for research and evaluation projects
• Guidance in developing grant proposals that will meet the expectations for high quality research design
• Support in determining the most appropriate instruments and measures for examining your research questions
• Training in developing a research program for junior scholars or senior faculty seeking to branch into new domains of inquiry
• Support in establishing collaborative groups within and beyond the university

RDS is supported by faculty fellows and graduate students with expertise in a broad array of research design and statistical methods. The current list of faculty fellows includes Jerrell Cassady, Jocelyn Bolin, Holmes Finch, Kathryn Fletcher, and Lisa Rubenstein. Our graduate Research Fellows include Monica Heller, Julianne Edwards, Lisa Ridgely, and Kristine David. The fellows are willing to give of their time and expertise to anyone who seeks assistance. To learn more about the RDS and to schedule an appointment to receive assistance, please contact one of the faculty fellows listed above.

For information on becoming a faculty fellow, please contact Jerrell Cassady.