RISE Module Timeline and Guidelines

Last week, I sent an e-mail with background information on the online modules based on the RISE Evaluation and Development System for Indiana teachers. In that communication, I provided an alignment of current courses with online content to be repurposed for the proposed modules.

The RISE task force identified the following characteristics of the RISE modules.

Characteristics of modules:

–Addresses the Common Core Standards (as appropriate)
–Stand alone (no pre-requisites)
–Module objectives/goals reflect language in Teacher Effectiveness Rubric (columns 3 and 4)
–Module activities are classroom-based
–Elementary and Secondary tracks
–4-week duration
–Modules for Domains 1 and 2 of Teacher Effectivess Rubric
–Common template designed by TC faculty
–Non-credit (designed with student learning outcomes if it is decided to convert these into credit)

Module Development Guidelines and Timeline (Spring 2013)

1. Up to three (3) TC faculty representing a variety of departments will create elementary and secondary versions of rubric row modules in domains 1 and 2. For elementary modules, at least one elementary education faculty member must be a member of a module team. For secondary modules, at least one secondary education faculty member must be a member of a module team.

2. $1,000 available stipend per rubric row module (19 elementary and 19 secondary for domains 1 and 2 only). 
    a. Module compensation shared by up to 3 faculty. 
    b. Stipend must align with supplemental income policy
3. Additional resources: 
    a. Technical support from iLearn 
    b. Marketing materials
4. Goal is for module completion by April 2013.
5. Modules will launch summer 2013.

Look for an e-mail communication from me in a few days. At that time, I will provide the URL for you to begin to enroll in module production teams.

Laurie Mullen
1004 Teachers College
(765) 285-5252