Introducing Tk20

All of your assessment and portfolio needs. All in one place.

Tk20 is the all new solution for creating digital portfolios and assessing student data. With Tk20, students can easily submit artifacts and assignments to their instructors and receive quality feedback. Students can also keep track of their progress in completing their education degree, as well as reference any requirements that they might be missing.

Visit our Tk20 Log in Page.

Tk20 Service and Support

Teachers College and Tk20 are here to support your needs in understanding and using this new system. You may visit the iCare Corner in Teachers College, room 208 for basic walk up support. You may also visit the Tk20 help desk website for additional information on the various functions of Tk20.

Faculty Training Content

Please note: use the password "UAHelp!" to access Tk20 training documents

iCare Staff Resources

Archived Resources: (Oct. 25 and 26th training)