Gilbert Park, associate professor of Educational Studies, along with colleagues at Kongju National University, plans to conduct a qualitative research project on the school experiences of multicultural students in South Korean public schools as a way to explore possibilities and limitations of current multicultural education as implemented by South Korean public schools. The term "multicultural" refers to the children who come from families with at least one parent from other parts of the world, including North Korea. With a better understanding of the school experiences of multicultural students, this project purports to offer practical suggestions to both educators and policy makers in South Korea to better meet the needs of their multicultural students who are experiencing both academic and social difficulties both in and out of schools.

Park's research will employ ethnographic tools such as interviews, participant observation, and textual analysis to generate data for his research. He will be in South Korea for a period of 10 months beginning in July 2014. Park is the third Teachers College faculty to receive Fulbright honors since 2013.

Teachers College is also home to Fulbright scholars John Ambrosio and Larry Gerstein. Ambrosio, associate professor in the Department of Educational Studies, was selected to receive a Core Fulbright Scholar Award to South Africa. His work at the University of the Free State in South Africa (August 2013-July 2014) involved conceptualizing, designing and implementing a compulsory module, Foundations of Social Justice Education, for undergraduate preservice teachers. He also mentored less experienced researchers in preparing and publishing manuscripts in scholarly professional journals. Ambrosio also conducted a research project to investigate the issue of white teachers and professionalism, of how the professionalism of white teachers is affected by their racial formation and identity, and the implications for both white and black students.

Larry Gerstein is the George and Frances Ball Distinguished Professor of Counseling Psychology, and a 2014 Fulbright Scholar (January-June). Gerstein taught Cross-Cultural Counseling and Brief Solution Focused Counseling at Chinese University and the City University of Hong Kong. He offered lectures to universities and the community and conducted research with collaborators at Chinese University and the City University of Hong Kong.