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A More Distinctive University

Our world is changing faster than ever before. Twenty years from now, the best colleges and universities will be those that have a plan to adapt to the changing needs of the 21st century. At Ball State, we have a plan not only to sustain our relevance in a changing world but also to become a more distinctive university.

Education Redefined: Strategic Plan 2007-2012  defines the vision and mission of the university and the strategies we will employ to advance Ball State. The plan is divided into four clearly stated —each with defined objectives—that guide our work and give focus to our priorities.

One priority of the plan is to provide each undergraduate student with the opportunity to participate in an immersive learning experience. These opportunities allow students to transform traditional classroom information into knowledge, judgment, and—ultimately—into action. Students learn to develop real-world solutions to real-world problems and graduate ready for the global workplace.

Follow Our Progress

Our annual progress report provides just a sampling of the strides we are making to achieve the goals and objectives in the plan. The accompanying stories illustrate how our students and faculty members are bringing the plan to life—from our high-achieving students earning more national scholarships and fellowships to our faculty and students taking part in life-changing immersive learning experiences to the groundbreaking of our innovative geothermal energy system.

By 2012, our strides today will move us well along as an institution. We will be offering more distinctive educational experiences that will prepare students for a changing world. The progress that we are making today will make an impact on the Indiana workforce that will span the entire century.

Follow our current progress as we implement Education Redefined: Strategic Plan 2007-2012.