A minor in plastics technology will help you gain an understanding of the fundamentals of plastics materials and processing techniques. A minor in plastics is a good complement to the manufacturing engineering technology major.

Ball State is the only university in Indiana offering a bachelor's degree in manufacturing engineering technology with a minor in plastics.

Required Courses

CHEM 111 - General Chemistry 1
ITDPT 125 - Survey of Plastics
ITMFG 105 - Technical Design Graphics
ITMFG 225 - Industrial Plastics
ITMFG 325 - Plastics Product Design

Minor in Plastics Technology - Mission Statement

The mission of the plastics technology minor is to prepare individuals to apply technical plastics technology principles in their chosen field.

Minor in Plastics Technology – Goals

  • Acquire entry level technical knowledge of materials, processes, and applications in plastics technology.
  • Apply interdisciplinary concepts and principals to solve plastics technology problems.
  • Effectively apply computer skills to plastics technology applications.
  • Develop the team building and communication skills to successfully manage plastics technology projects.
  • Perform in a professional and ethical manner, and effectively work with diverse populations in developing sustainable plastics technology.