How will I be advised?

You will be assigned an advisor from the Department of Industry and Technology. You are free to contact your advisor at any time; phone and e-mail work best. The advisor may also contact you by phone or by e-mail.

Is there a Career Center that can help online students?

Yes. Ball State's Career Center provides employment assistance to both on- and off-campus students.

What is my 'program of study'?

Based on the program requirements for either the master of arts in technology education or the master of arts in career and technical education, your advisor and you will develop your personalized "program or plan of study." This is a sheet that lists the courses to be taken to satisfy degree requirements.

Who is my advisor?

During the admission process, all applicants are assisted by Sam Cotton, department chair of the Department of Technology.  Once admitted, you will be assigned an advisor from the department. For a list of advisors, see Who Is My Advisor?