Can a course be finished in less than a semester?

The pace of the course is decided by the instructor. However, the classes are scheduled to mirror the timeframe of the on-campus offerings. Thus, the courses will typically begin and end at the same time as the classes offered on-campus at Ball State University. In order to build a sense of community in an online class, instructors are encouraged to roll out material according to a week-by-week calendar so that students can join in meaningful online discussions on each topic.

Do I have to be actively teaching when I am taking the program?

No. Many of our students are not professional teachers. Arrangement will be made for any assignments that require a classroom setting for those who are not professional teachers.

Does a course have to be completed within a single semester?

Yes. The course calendar is the same as it would be for an on-campus offering, so instructors must issue grades by the same time as well. Under extenuating circumstances, a grade of "Incomplete" can be filed.