Master of Arts in Career & Technical Education

The Master of Arts in Career & Technical Education (CTE) offered by the Department of Technology is 100% online.  This degree program is a good choice for those with a bachelor's degree who are interested in Career & Technical Education (CTE) (formerly Vocational Education). The degree is 30 credit hours, and no thesis is required.  Courses are offered year round.  The degree offers the following tracks:

Community College Faculty & Industrial Trainers Track
(for current community college faculty, industrial trainers, or individuals who aspire to attain such positions)

Administrative Track
(for current college administrators, public school department chairs, other non-licensed administrators, or individuals who aspire to attain such positions) Director of Career and Technical Education License

CTE Teacher Track
(for current teachers who have already earned a bachelor's degree in any area who wish to add a CTE area to a license. NOTE: Licensing requirements are state-specific and are established by state licensing authorities.

Curriculum Track
(for current directors of curriculum and professional development, curriculum managers, or individuals who aspire to attain such positions)

Research Track
(for current researchers in education, private business and industry, or individuals who aspire to attain such positions or pursue future doctoral studies)

Customizable Track
(for individuals who have specific personal, professional, or career objectives relating to Career & Technical Education, a track can be custom designed for that need)

As noted earlier, this 30 credit hour master's degree offers the flexibility and convenience of being 100 percent online. Plus, the quality of learning is enhanced by small classes led by innovators in online education from the Department of Technology.  The degree includes a master's thesis option to provide rigorous preparation for those planning on future doctoral studies.  You can take a singe course in this degree program, or complete the entire degree.

This degree program is accredited through the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.  While the degree does not include teacher licensure, it may still help you meet your particular licensing needs within your state.  Please consult your state/provincial teacher licensing office as needed.
In particular, Ball State's online MA in CTE offers the following benefits:

  • 100% online: No need to travel
  • Convenience: Allowing students to log in at times that fit their schedules
  • Flexibility: choose among several optional tracks and electives
  • Personal Contact: With instructors and other professionals enrolled in the program
  • Economical: Click here to view our competitive tuition rates
  • Achievable: Only 30 credit hours - a thesis is optional
  • Meaningful: Quality education from professors who are leaders in their fields; intellectually stimulating; applicable to your work
  • Respected: HLC (NCA) accredited.

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Program Contacts:

Program Director and Advisor
Dr. Edward Lazaros
Department of Technology
Graduate Admissions Coordinator
Dr. Samuel Cotton

Department of Technology
Director of Online Education
Dr. Jim Flowers

Department of Technology