The Department of Technology has several scholarships available to students majoring the department's programs. To apply for these scholarships, you must complete an Application Form (PDF), which is available online or in the department office in Applied Technology (AT), 131.

The application form and accompanying paperwork must be submitted to the department office in AT 131 by the posted deadline. Applications are reviewed by faculty, and scholarship winners are announced at the Spring Technology Awards Ceremony held on April 21, 2013.

The number and amount of scholarships awarded may vary from year to year depending on available funds. Here are just a few of the scholarships that may be available.

Department of Technology General Scholarships

  • American Society for Metals Scholarship 
  • D.J. Angus-Scientech Most Improved Student Award 
  • Computer Technology Scholarship 
  • Construction Management Scholarship 
  • Construction Management Lab Fund
  • Craftsmen Scholarship 
  • Herschel & Adaline Eastman Scholarship 
  • Graphic Arts Management Program Scholarship 
  • International Manufacturing Technology Center 
  • Jerry Isch Scholarship 
  • Henry A. Loats Scholarship 
  • William H. Middleton Scholarship (Graduate Student) 
  • Dr. Kenneth E. Poucher Scholarship 
  • Sundar Rajaram Graphic Arts Scholarship 
  • Rob Sailsbery Scholarship 
  • William T. Sargent Scholarship 
  • Fred J. Schmidt Scholarship 
  • Society of Manufacturing Engineers Scholarship 
  • Society of Plastics Engineers Scholarship 
  • Gregg & Jewell Steele Technology Education Scholarship 
  • Top Notch Scholarship in Construction Management 
  • Dr. Edgar S. Wagner, Faculty Development Fund 
  • John Warner Memorial Scholarship 
  • Thomas & Phyllis Wright Technology Education Scholarship

For more information about scholarships, contact Richard Seymour at (765) 285-5652.