The generous gifts from alumni and friends of the Department of Technology make it possible for us to offer scholarships to recognize student achievement and assist students in pursuing their academic goals. Your gifts also fund student field trips, enable students to travel to competitions, and provide equipment that we may not otherwise be able to purchase.

You can make a gift online through a secure Web site or send your gift to the following address:

Ball State University Foundation
P.O. Box 672
Muncie, Indiana 47308

Be sure to designate the account or program you would like your gift to support. A list of scholarship accounts follows.

Department of Industry and Technology Scholarship Accounts

Please include the account number for the account with your gift.

  • Department of Technology General Scholarships (#4301) 
  • Rob Sailsbery Scholarship (#4301) 
  • Graphic Arts Scholarship (#4302) 
  • International Manufacturing Technology Center (#4303) 
  • Dr. Edgar S. Wagner, Faculty Development Fund (#4304) 
  • Construction Management Scholarship (#4305) 
  • Fred J. Schmidt Scholarship (#4350) 
  • Henry A. Loats Scholarship (#4351) 
  • William T. Sargent Scholarship (#4353) 
  • Herschel & Adaline Eastman Scholarships (#4354) 
  • Society of Plastics Engineers Scholarship (#4355) 
  • American Society of Materials, International Scholarship (#4357) 
  • Society of Manufacturing Engineers Scholarship (#4358) 
  • Thomas & Phyllis Wright Technology Education Scholarship (#4359) 
  • Sundar Rajaram Graphic Arts Scholarship (#4360) 
  • Gregg & Jewell Steele Technology Education Scholarship (#4361) 
  • William H. Middleton Scholarship (#4362) 
  • Craftsmen Scholarship (#4363) 
  • D.J. Angus-Scientech Most Improved Student Award (#30135)